Yasar University to support education and research programs, faculty members, students and employees to meet the needs of all types and all information and documents from the media, national and international level of knowledge, use, and aims to support the transfer. In addition, photocopies of books and articles in domestic and foreign universities are provided.

Information Center, Center every weekday in Selcuk Yasar Campus;

In the Academic Period 08:30 to 21:45 pm,

In the Summer and Semester Break 08:30 to 18:00 between the hours of 6 staff operates.

Center, encyclopedias, dictionaries, indexes and abstracts, near the sources of statistics as well as information magazines, daily newspapers and DVDs, VCDs and CDs as well as audio-visual materials are also available. 32 bilgisayarlık internet connection is available on-site laboratory. Electronic publications can be accessed on our web site. In addition, in the campus library as well as wireless internet access is also provided. For wireless connection, you can contact the IT Department.

Available in the library on various issues of domestic and foreign magazines, newspapers, periodicals are arranged alphabetically by name of the magazine rack.

Reader, using the open-shelf system, resources are placed according to the subject you can find on the shelves. The reader to borrow books and return operations carried out in conjunction with the automation system and the delayed return of books can be followed. Classification of books in our library, the Library of Congress Classification System (Library of Congress Classification System) according to the performed. Anglo-American Cataloging Rules II cataloging all of the books (Anglo-American Cataloging Rules II) is applied.